New Year's Inspiration and Beyond!

New Year's Inspiration and Beyond!

It was a big one in 2017 for Jessica Rose as a women's wear company, as well as the person too (along with Kyle, of course). We went into our 10th year of working in fashion and design in Canada, as well as going into our forth year of being in our beautiful fashion design studio and storefront in the Historic Distillery District, downtown Toronto. We continued to bring the classic made in Canada clothing you have all grown to love (and we love hearing it, thank you!), using the coolest printed fabrics from Liberty of London while continuing to research and source all the other best materials from all the best fabric mills around the world. We do this all so we can make your wardrobes beautiful, practical, functional, eco-friendly, economical and sustainable! That's right! We have heard quite a few stories this year of some of our original pieces still being in regular circulation, wow! 

Liberty Print Dresses from Jessica Rose in Toronto Canada

Oh yes, and we can't forget, the alpacas! Probably the biggest part of our year was our trip to Peru. Bringing you the high quality alpaca knit sweaters and accessories that you have already been enjoying over the Christmas break and will continue to keep you warm all winter long.

Collection of cozy alpaca sweaters made in Peru by Toronto fashion designer Jessica Rose

OK, alpacas are adorable and all, but it wasn't actually about them (well not completely), but rather we finally got to visit and meet with some of the people we've already been working with for years, see how and where everything is done and by who. This was by far more important to us than just getting a nice end product, and we are happy to say we were thoroughly impressed by everyone and everything that we saw! In fact, everything was actually better than we even imagined, even for our high quality expectations. As a side bonus, we got to explore the beautiful country of Peru too! Pretty good!

Modern inspiration in Lima and Huaraz from Jessica Rose travelling around Peru

Rustic inspiration from Huaraz and Lima Peru from Jessica Rose travelling around

Rustic inspiration in Lima and Huaraz from Jessica Rose travelling around Peru

Overall, a very inspiring 2017 and we feel that 2018 will be even better! Just when we think we've pushed ourselves to the limits doing this fashion thing and living life, we sometimes even surprise ourselves with the exciting things that we keep on achieving! Always dreaming, always being inspired, we're going to keep on pushing on and we think you should come along too!

Hoping your 2018 is full of amazing things and lots of adventure too!

Cow in mountains in Ancash Huaraz Peru at Laguna 69