This Weather's Not Just for Sweaters...

Womens Liberty Print Dresses

Say goodbye to your sun faded beach digs. Say hello to these crisp Liberty print dresses!

Like autumn flowers between between the pages of a book, these prints are made to impress. We have three fresh designs and once you get into one, you'll perk up even before that first cup of coffee!

Save time in your day by clicking here to shop online and take advantage of our free North American shipping.

Or perhaps you're in the mood for adventure- then it's time for a visit to our location in the Distillery District to find that perfect dress (or three!)

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Little Black Triacetate Dresses

Is there such a thing as having too many little black dresses?

Obviously not!

These dresses will have you agreeing that there's always room for one more ;)

Featuring soft pleats in a luxurious new fabric from Japan, you'll go head over heels for these stylish wardrobe staples. The heavy satin back crepe triacetate is developed from wood pulp and flows like a dream. It's breathable, machine washable, and wrinkle resistant- it's the perfect fit for your lifestyle. 

Whether you're at the office, traveling, or out on the town, these little black dresses won't let you down!

Visit us in person, or take a closer look online here:

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Fall in love with Fresh Liberty Print Dresses

We've been putting a lot of love into our new Liberty print dresses, and the results are worth it!  Our newest collection brings the quality and heritage of Liberty of London textiles into our best selling Marion dresses with four limited edition prints. 

Add a spark to your wardrobe with these fresh, functioning fashion statements (that are spectacular year-round)!

Whether you're getting ready for adventures or adding an exciting new look to your work wardrobe, our new Liberty print dresses will be your reliable go-to. 

Shop here to pick the perfect one for you:

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Add Style to Your Summer with These Retro Inspired Turban Headbands

Working up a sweat to get these cute turban headbands into the shop for the weekend. Makes for a great yoga sweatband and a chic look for those pesky summer bad hair days.

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Cotton Guipure Lace and Rays of Sunshine

Cotton guipure lace carefully cut and ready to be made into our Sophia Cardigans.

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Cutting Marinière Striped Dresses

Get ready to go sailing!
Our blue and white marinière striped bamboo fabric has just arrived, and we'll be cutting Marion dresses in it next week. 
Pre-order your dress here.

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Sunny Days are Coming- Be Stylish in Stripes!

The sun is in the sky, and warm days are just ahead as we start to daydream of sail boats and beach side boardwalks.

Just in time for the start of the summer season, we're bringing back our Marion Marinière Striped Dress in a limited run.  Order your Marion Striped Dress by clicking here.

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In the Studio - Little Black Pleated Dresses

I've been tucked away in the studio these past few weeks perfecting radiating pleats for a new mini-collection of little black dresses.  Creating these beautiful, perfect folds of fabric has involved more calculations and re-dos than I'd like to admit- but the results are worth it!
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