Our Ecommerce Evolution

Our Ecommerce Evolution

In 2006, I started creating the original Jessica Rose online store. At the time, buying and selling clothing over the internet was such a new concept that I actually had people asking if I would be selling virtual outfits for gaming, and being surprised that I was, in fact, making and shipping real physical clothing!

Since then, I’ve had the experience of guiding many customers through their first online purchase, and now shopping online for just about everything has become part of our daily lives. 

Over the years, I’ve been redesigning and developing the online store as the way we use technology changes and new possibilities emerge. As smartphones replace our desktop computers, you are now carrying our store in your pocket, and that dress is only a few clicks away. Just like in person, we’re here to help with an instant message or email.

What most excites me though, is how ecommerce is bringing the world closer together. You can now shop and pay on our website in your own currency, and neural machine translation has become so good that soon you'll be able to shop from us in five different languages! Darunter auch meine deutschen Freunde!

Every day, I am grateful for the people I have connected with and who trust me in making them look and feel their best (even from the opposite side of the globe!). Whether you’re new to online shopping or order like a pro, I’m here to make it easier.